Toggl Integration

I have just started using this really excellent free time tracking tool at

It would be great to be able to use this within QF.

Could this be a possibility?

Sounds interesting! I’ll give it a spin, we are looking at introducing time-tracking early next year so we’ll definitely look further into this.

This is an old thread, but for anyone interested in using Toggl (time tracking app) with QuickFile, we are now integrated with Zapier. This should allow you to automatically convert your timesheets to invoices.

If anyone is interested in setting this up, please reply here or send me a private message on the forum and I will provide further instructions.

There are some limitations with what can be done through Zapier at the moment, but we’ll listen to any feedback and try improve the integration where possible.

Yes I am interested in trying out the link with Toggl please, not sure what I have to do though.

I don’t see quickfile in the list of Toggle export options on their site?

That’s not how it works. It is a cause/event system so you would need to set triggers in Toggl to cause actions in Quickfile. Follow the link above from Glenn for more info.

@jonshepherd - You wouldn’t see it on the Toggl export list. What would need to happen is you would connect Toggl and Quickfile to Zappier, and Zappier would control everything in between.

If you do have a Zappier account, Quickfile won’t appear there until @Glenn has sent you an invite

Hi Glenn,

Can you PM me instructions on how to set this up.

@danmills There are no instructions for this as it’s an integration via Zapier. How you set up the trigger and action on Zapier depends on exactly how you want Toggl and QuickFile to work together.

If you haven’t done so already please open an account with Zapier, you can then create a new “trigger” for Toggle that performs an “action” in QuickFile. Some experimentation is probably the best way forward.