Token has expired

Hello Glen,

We are having issues with our affinity account. We cannot login onto clients as we are told that the token is expired.

We haven’t had this issue on our server before. The client is in our office and we do need to access their account.

This is urgent, thank you.

Kind regards

We’ll look into this for you now and report back.


This should now be resolved. Although let me know if you encounter any further problems.

Hi Glenn

We too had a token expired message which prevented us from accessing accounts this morning. I paid a top up by card which seemed to resolve things but we paid by direct debit only a few days previously.

Can you let us know what’s wrong please.


The Production Exchange Ltd

It was caused by one of the web server’s system clock being out by 1 hour, now fixed. The login routine uses a time sensitive token for access, so if the server is reporting the wrong time this will block access.

We don’t know at this stage why the server clock lost sync, it would ping a centralised web service to keep track of time. The problem would have been intermittent as the other two web nodes were reporting the correct time.

We’re looking into the potential cause now.

Got the issue here too Glenn. Need it fixing ASAP please!

Hi @teqcomms

We’re currently looking into this and will update you shortly.

Ok thanks. Much appreciated.

@teqcomms - This should be working all OK now. Please can you retry and let me know if that works as expected?

Yes thanks all working now.

Not sure if I should open a new thread but we are experiencing the same issue as above with some of our affinity dashboard accounts. We seem to be able to access some but not others.
Your help would be appreciated on this.

Hello @csaba

This should now be resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Many thanks for the quick action, great support as always!

Dear Glen

Our quickfile accounts are not working this morning and the staff cannot work it states token expired?

Please help

We are still having problems with this bug.

Hello @penny3333

There was an issue when @csaba reported it. However as of my last post above, this was corrected and you should no longer experience this issue.

@Aspyre_Accountancy - I’m not experiencing this issue on my end. Are you seeing it on any specific pages within Affinity?

It is from the Affinity front screen we can access some but not all of our clients. We click on the log in and it says Token Expired. And it does seem intermittent, ie., you try again and you can access and then again and you cannot.

We also having problems with ‘Token Expired’ messages.

@Aspyre_Accountancy @Fairway - Apologies for this. We’ve just made a slight change here. Can you try again now please?

Yes, we did get in on second attempt, but always happening with the last company set-up. Will see how we get on going forward. Thanks.

It still is not clear, we have three affinity users and it it does not affect all clients just some. We have res started machines and logged out and in of the internet to try and rule out those type of issues.