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Token to ACCEPT or DECLINE on Estimate/Quotation


Would it be possible to have a Token URL that when clicked would load the Estimate and approve it. Allowing in the email body of the New Invoice creation to have a hyperlink they can click on to Accept or decline.

Reason for request
We have lots of estimates that never get actioned we are trying to encourage users to provide a response.

Not a must have request but a nice to have. We have the same approach with our survey and it dramatically improved our survey feedback i am hoping it would have the same effect if we had it in QF.


Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ll leave this open for other users to add their vote or comments to, and as always, we’ll keep an eye on it too.


I would certainly 2nd this, currently we have around 5% of our clients who agree to estimates via Quickfile, the feature is a great idea but pretty much useless if not getting used.



Hi @MearTechnology / @Rob

We can have a look at this for you now. I’d just like to get your thoughts on some aspects of how this would work.

If we create unique tokens to output accept or decline buttons for an estimate, I think we would need to show that estimate to the prospective client first? I would imagine that these links would load up the preview as is the case now but will reveal a box above the preview something like:

You are about to accept this estimate, do you wish to proceed? [Cancel] [Confirm].

You are about to decline this estimate, do you wish to proceed? [Cancel] [Confirm].

Let me know of if that will work for you?



I agree that you should show a preview of the estimate.

My thought is that the button should action first and offer to revert

You have marked this estimate as Accepted if this was an Error click
[Cancel] [Decline]

You have marked this estimate as Declined if this was an Error click
[Cancel] [Accept]

This is what we do with tokens on our customer service form.

If they Accept the quotation form the email token that is all they should need to do…unless they made an error.

Hope that makes sense.


I think it’s better if we can ask them to confirm, rather than retrospectively cancelling. The client should be able to see what they’re accepting. The other issue is that we send a message to the account manager on acceptance, so we’d need to delete that or post a second message if the client then cancelled.


@Rob @MearTechnology - Just wanted to give you a quick update here, to let you know that we’ve added a new tag that will add an Accept and Decline button to estimate emails: