“Total VAT due” is same figure as “VAT due on sales and other outputs”


My 2nd VAT Return is showing “Total VAT due” to be the same figure as “VAT due on sales and other outputs”. I am on the flat rate scheme at 12% which the VAT Reports it as “Method:Cash Accounting (Flat Rate @ 12%)”.
If QF was calculating at 12% VAT then surely the “VAT due on Sales would be a lower figure”
I suspect this was the same for my first return but I did not notice it due to being inexperienced and trying to understand VAT.

Any help appreciated as to why QF the VAT like this.


It’s taking your flat rate turnover in box 6 (£15,503) and calculating the VAT as 12% of this (£1,860.37).

£1,860.37 is your total output VAT, as you’re on flat rate there is no input VAT so the net amount payable is also £1,860.37.

If you look at the description for box 3 this is just the total of boxes 1 and 2.


Hello Glenn

Thanks for the answer. Everything is correct as you say. Just another general question. In the first year of being VAT registered Companies receive any extra 1% VAT discount from HMRC for there 1st year of bing Vat registered. Should the VAT rate in my VAT settings be set at 11% for the first year, and then 12% for future years.


Yes you would set the VAT rate in your VAT settings to reflect the discounted rate. After the first year you would then adjust this back to your normal rate.

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