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Totally lost with Micro-entity Balance Sheet

I got a limited company which didn’t have any profit for the first year. I am trying to fill in the micro entity balance sheet on my own as the expense of an accountant would be an expense which I can’t afford at the moment.
Can anyone here which is more experienced with this subject please help?

Many Thanks in advance


I invested £1055 in this company and Ive spend £557,92. also i don’t have any employers. is any calculation made correct so far?

Where is your director loan account for 1055 under current liabilities?
Why is Current assets 1055, should this not be 497.08 (1055-557.92)
capital and res should be 1 provided no trading profit/loss

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It would help to actually see your year end balance sheet, we’re not psychic.


Thank you for the advice and of course you are not psychic.In my case I dont know what is a years end balance sheet as well or what do I need to include on it.Any hints or advice would be really appreciated here as I feel lost with the whole thing.

Thank you for the response.On this list/online form where would I fill in that I did invest money in the company ?

I’m afraid these two quotes are somewhat incompatible… you may be best off accepting the hit of paying for professional advice this first time round, then at least you’ll develop the understanding necessary to do it yourself the next year.

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No disrespect but if you don’t know what a balance sheet is how can you possibly know how you fill in the information your asking about? What else is most likely wrong god only knows.

Please hire an accountant before it’s too late.

Agree with paul and Ian, you would not possibly know which framework to report on plus dont forget corporation tax return too