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Tracking down clients in credit


I know that I have a small number of clients in credit. However, I am struggling to find them easily without doing a manual search and imagine that there must be a clever search that will take only nano-seconds.

Any advice please.



You could view all payments, then advanced search and select the type “unallocated”. this will show all payments that haven’t been allocated to any invoices (i.e. anything sitting as a credit on the client’s account).



Just to expand on what @ian_roberts mentioned, you can also do an advanced search on the clients page, and include “Prepayments”:


This is a sortable column, so you can then click the heading to re-arrange it (e.g. largest first, so all clients without a prepayment would be at the bottom).


Thank you to Ian Roberts and Matthew at QF for your most helpful answers which I will try on Monday morning. Best wishes PPM