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Tracking of Expense Rebilling


I scan receipts for expenses as I incur them, then every 2-3 months, run through purchases and re-bill anything that was incurred for a client. The Rebill To Client option is perfect for this, and I especially like that the receipt scans are automatically coppied across, but still find it difficult to keep track of where I got up to last time.

Is there a way to see which Expenses I have / have not rebilled on the purchases screen? Could this be a useful enhancement?

By the way, my workaround is to add a project tag ‘billed to client’ just before generating the invoice.


Hi @Rob_Phillips

There isn’t a way to see this at present, but we can certainly consider adding something here as part of future development.

You’re posted in the right category, so all I can suggest for the moment is watch this space, and we’ll keep you posted if this changes.


I did exactly the same!

+1 for adding some info on rebilled expenses


+1 would be valuable to me.


Totally agree; have just started using Quickfile and am dealing with handfuls of small expenses - all to be rebilled. My client has asked to be invoiced for these weekly, and it’s a challenge to remember what I have rebilled, and what I haven’t!

A simple tick or symbol next to each expense, already rebilled would be fantastic please.


Agreement here too - I don’t what to double-bill and we often deal with expenses quite a while later (e.g. for audits overseas, etc.)