Tracking Recurring Invoices

I’ve set up by first recurring invoice today (monthly), to start today. It’s now active.

How do I know that the email has been sent to the client and how can I customise the monthly email for that particular profile and also make sure a copy is sent to my email address each time? i.e. like you can with a single invoice


There’s no CC facility for recurring invoices, we may add this in future but I can’t promise any timeframes on that I’m afraid.

The event log in the dashboard will show you when an invoice is created and dispatched from a profile.

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Thanks Glenn

Cc would be a very useful feature. And also tailoring the email for each profile.

There is an event log entry that says “Recurring Invoice Profile #R000001 has been activated.”

Does this mean the email’s been sent?

There’s also a note above the template that says “The next invoice will be automatically dispatched by email on: 26/11/2013” - so is there a specific time / pattern that the emails get sent as the 26th is today?


It’s now in the event log:

hmmm that particular entry isn’t showing up on my view…?
Refreshed page
Note on top of invoice now changed to "The next invoice will be automatically dispatched by email on: 26/12/2013

but nothing about the invoice being sent on the log…


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