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Trade Debtor - Remove Unpaid Invoices From VAT Return

I have 2 unpaid invoices from Q2 of 2021. I have already paid the VAT for them. I am due to submit the VAT Returns for Q3 and I would like to reclaim the VAT paid in Q2. Also I am due to submit my end of year accounts, how do I tell the software to remove the unpaid invoices to get an accurate return?

Not sure I follow you.

If you have two unpaid invoices then that is accurate for your return, you don’t delete things to make it look nicer

If you’ve paid the vat already due to being on acural then I’m afraid that’s what happens when you don’t operate under cash accounting.

Of course if your trying to say that the unpaid invoices will never be paid and you want to wrte them off, that’s a totally different question and one someone would be able to answer if you were to confirm.

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