Transactions are not showing on bank statement

Hello, im new to this whole system.
I have input a credit card account however when I put a transaction in or out it doesn’t show on the bank statement or give me a running balance why ?

I have also marked a supplier paid via credit card and it still shows on the main bank account why ?
finding the system very frustrating at the moment, We paid to have the bank statements uploaded thinking this would help but it doesn’t seem to make any difference,

thanks in advance

Hi @donna

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties with QuickFile, but we’ll try our best to help you out.

It should do. Where are you entering these transactions? It could just be you’ve entered them for the wrong bank account by mistake for example (this can easily be resolved). All bank transactions saved on a bank statement or allocated to a bank account will be visible and taken into account for the running total.

You can see all your bank accounts by going to Banking >> Show All Accounts.

As I mentioned above, it may just be that you’ve entered it on the wrong account. How were these payments created? Was it through an invoice for example (either by clicking “Log Payment” or ticking “This invoice has been paid”)?

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