Transfer Between Different Accounts


Sorry to bother you but I did not receive an answer yet.I will explain again my problem.

I made a transfer between Clients Deposit Account to the main Account. This transfer was for letting fees
We tagged these two transactions as “Bank Transfer between accounts”. The problem is that I want to tag (or move) this amount in the revenue account.

I’ve seen that they are both in the suspense account, but I need to move to the revenue account
Can I do this?

Thank you for your time.


I see we replied to your last post and were awaiting some clarification from your side.

Bank transfers are just movements on the balance sheet, i.e. it’s just moving money from one account to another but doesn’t explain the origin of those funds. You will need some additional entry on the client account to balance the movement to the current account and to tag this to a sale nominal code (e.g. 4000) or tag it to a sales invoice.

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