Transfer between QF Companies


Is it possible to transfer transactions from one QF Company to Another QF Company?

Ideally I’d like to take a group of transactions across to another company complete with nominal codes ie each company has the same nominal code numbers / categories

Using Affinity if that helps


Hi @Vistaro,

You could do this by downloading an account back up of the one company. Find and manipulate the csv that contains the data you want then upload this to the new company.

Yes, I realise that just a bit clunky

Hi @Vistaro

I don’t believe it’s a common scenario to transfer nominals and transactions from one account to another as generally each account represents it’s own legal entity (and therefore, it’s own transactions etc.).

We’re happy to consider it as a feature request if you wish, just post in #feature, along with some details on how you see this working (and perhaps a use case), and we’ll keep an eye on the interest in this request.

Hi, Yes I agree it’s not a usual one, I need it because there’s two separate companies, one a Sole Trader and one a Ltd, the owner has been paying for “Stuff” on his own card and claiming Exes from the Ltd; we need to get the actual transactions into the correct nominals in the Ltd co;

Fully accept it’s not a “normal” use case just trying to save some hours of manual work that inevitably lead to recon problems

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