Transfering funds between multiple account in quickfile

Dear Support!

I would like to ask what type of solutions would you recommend inside Quickfile when we have two accounts and we want to transfer from one account to the other. We would like to do this without creating an invoice, as these are inside transactions between a PayPal and a Bank account.

What we would like is that if we transfer the funds, it would appear in the other account and subtract from the account it was transferred from.

Thank you for your help!

This is something you would tag from the bank. I think this may help:

Tagging bank transfers

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for your help, but unfortunately we do not use Bank feed in quickfile. Would there be any solution which we could manually input that we want to transfer x from y account to z account?

This has nothing to do with bank feeds. You still need to enter your bank transactions in Quick File whether you import them from a spreadsheet file (issued by your bank) or manually enter them (see below).

When the new transactions are imported they will show as untagged. Click the red button and then follow the procedue in the link to nominate where the funds are to be transferred to/from.

Dear Glenn,

Thank you very much this was very helpful! We managed to get there in the end :smile:

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