Transferring a Product / Service to a Gift

Hello, I have asked this before but unfortunately I still don’t understand, I do stuffer with depression and at the moment i am asking for help from a few people.

Ok, so I have 2 invoices that have been sent out to the customers, the customers haven’t paid but I now want to give them both for free, one is for a service one is for a product.

It’s been suggested that I raise a credit note against it but I don’t know how to do that, it’s also been suggested that I can put the product one into gift and samples and create a separate bank account, I have no idea how to do this

I need some help because I don’t want to just delete the invoices, but I need puppy walking on what to do


Hi @rawandmoreshack

If you want to raise a credit note for the one invoice, I suggest you read the following article which explains the necessary steps involved: Managing credit notes

If you want to move the stock into the Gifts and Samples nominal code you can create a Journal to do this:

For more information on using Journals please check out the following link: Journals

I am not an accountant so it is worth checking with one to see if either of these methods would be acceptable.

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