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Transferring money from PayPal to bank account

Hi I’m transferring money to a bank account from PayPal and should I simply mark that as “Bank Transfer Between Accounts”

Hi Josip_Skoko,
If both accounts belong to your business, yes, transfer between accounts

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great is it all right if writes that money is coming in?

Can you say that again?

I’m not sure if you are adding transfers manually or whether they happen automatically via bank feeds but if that’s what happend then tag one as a transfer and match it up to the amount received


You should tag receipt as sales on PayPal account or in bank account is up to you. As sales money comes to PayPal, PayPal is primary bank to record/tag as sales.


Not really. The question was in regards to a transfer not a sale. The sale in to the PayPal account would be a seperate credit from the transfer.

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The symbol to the left of the transaction denotes it was added via a feed. I think the CSV method shares a symbol with the manual transactions.

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