Transfers from one paypal account to another paypal account

I have two paypal accounts but only one bank account so I send the balance of one paypal account to the other at the end of each month. I then remove the funds to my bank account. I have tagged this transaction as a transfer from one paypal account to the other but is has recorded it as an invoice and is now saying that the invoice is overdue. How do I get around this?

If you’ve tagged it as a transfer, it wouldn’t create an invoice, so the invoice would have been created manually (or as a result of the autotagging feature). If it is tagged this way, you could probably safely delete the invoice.

I did not create an invoice manually, it was definitely created via the tagging procedure after importing from paypal, this is all I have done so far. I have deleted the invoice and the transactions still appear in both paypal accounts so I guess that is okay.

May be worth just checking your PayPal settings, there’s these few options which can create an invoice when the transaction is imported:

The way to check where the invoice originated from, even if it’s been deleted, is the invoice itself:

Okay, thank you. I will have a look.

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