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Is there any plans to setup an intergration into TransferWise? This payment method is slowly taken over and lots of our customers are using it. It’s so flexible and the rates are cheap. Having an intergration for pay now via TransferWise could be great.


Hi @danmills

We don’t have any plans for this at the moment, but we’ll certainly leave this thread open for others to add their vote.

As with many feature requests, they’re driven by the demand from the community. If there’s enough interest, then we’ll certainly investigate the feasibility of this further.


Hi there, would like to vote for this feature, too! We just set up two Transferwise Borderless accounts (GBP and EUR), and instead of 5 pounds (!) per SEPA transfer with Barclays, we now only pay 50p with Transferwise. So, would like to see the Transferwise accounts integrated into Quickfile, if possible. Thanks! Michael


Agreed, I would love to see this integration.

I tried to request access to their API but they need a high number of transactions for it to be worth the trouble. I don’t understand why though…


Agreed, would be great to see this



We are also very interested in this.
Transferwise now integrates with Xero, so I imagine you might be able to do the integration easily.
Thank you.


Me too. I started using EUR account with transferwise


I would like TransfeWise integration also please.


+1 would like to see this. Integration for Revolut is there. I use both


+1 here.
I would love to use this integration. They have a business account now.