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Treasurer of a "club"


I am presently the Treasurer of a “club”. For the last 5 years I have been using Easybooks for Mac OS. As I am the only one with access to this, I am considering moving to an online accounts package such as QuickFile. However, before I take the plunge, I need a few answers please.

I presently run the accounts as if it were a business and provide the members a full set of accounts at the end of the year showing whether the “club” has made a profit/loss.

Many members, but not all, pay their annual subscription incrementally, monthly, in advance. On October 1st each year I invoice them for their annual subscription and the invoice amount is taken from money held on account for each member (customer).

The other members pay annually on receipt of their invoice.

We have approximately 35 members (customers) and 4 suppliers.

We have functions throughout the year. Members will be invoiced for these functions, and again, if they have money in their account, these invoices will be deducted from their balance.

My questions are as follows;

  1. Is this set-up achievable in QuickFile? i.e. money coming in to “customer” accounts without invoices.
  2. If so, how and what type of “company” do I set up and how would I achieve this?

P.S. I am not an accountant, I’ve just learnt how to use accounts software by hands-on experience.


“, I’ve just learnt how to use accounts software by hands-on experience.”
Join the “club”.

As an unincorporated organisation I suspect that “partnership” is the appropriate designation (this is not a professional opinion), but definitely not “sole trader” which I did by mistake.

With QF you can credit “prepayments” to both suppliers and clients and use the credit to settle or part-pay later invoices. Quickfile doesn’t do this automatically, you do need to enter each credit to the invoice manually.

The great boon that I have found with QF for a “not for profit” is that it will support teamwork. In our case I deal with the clients and raise invoices, my colleague handles the banking and QF chases overdue invoices automatically.


Hi and thanks very much for the reply.
Okay, so I can make prepayments to each members account without generating an invoice. Can I then produce a “statement” of their account. At present, in EasyBooks, when a member asks, I just go to the statement function, select the member and date range and a PDF statement is produced showing all transactions within the range. As you can Imagine this is quite important for members to see their money on account.


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