Trial balance from Wave to QuickFile

Hi there,

I’ve recently switched over from Wave at the start of my new FY. My accountant gave me an excel with the end of the previous year TB for me to input into QF. My accountant only wants to help me switch to new software if it is Xero. So I’ve attempted it myself because QF came recommended and is better priced fro my micro business. I’m not sure whether I’ve done the correct thing though, naming conventions seem to differ between his excel and names of account on QF. Could I send a screen shot to a support team member of what I’ve done to check I’ve chosen the right accounts?

Hi @joris

When you import a trial balance into your account, you’ll be given the option to map the nominal codes, or create new ones, if they don’t match any that already exist.

The trial balance itself is just a journal, so you should be able to adjust it afterwards if needed.

Hi Mathew, many thanks for your swift response,
there are a few accounts I’m not sure about whether I have mapped them correctly, could I send you a screenshot of the mapping to validate?

Hi @joris

This is a public thread, so while you’re welcome to send over screenshots, please make sure they omit any sensitive data.

Is it possible to send to a support in DM?

Anything sensitive you’re better direct messaging @QFSupport (a group address that goes to all the QuickFile staff on here).

great thanks, have done that!

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