Trouble printing invoice

Im sorry but as im new to this system having a bit of trouble when it comes to printing my invoice. On the invoice page the document looks fine - when I print review or print document this is were it goes wrong. The top part with the address/logo etc looks fine but the bottom part were the item description etc is and amounts seems to have moved in an inch resulting in NOT printing the amounts etc. Hope this makes sense!! Help

Are you printing the PDF not the HTML page? The PDF should always print preview exactly how it appears in your PDF software.

To be completely honest Ive no idea Im really not computer literate…Sorry
Im pressing the print button at the top of the invoice - it then comes up generating invoice - then the preview is wrong?

If you’re referring to account ending 64210 it would appear that there is some custom CSS style. It’s most likely a compatibility issue with the CSS used, the PDF generator doesn’t support more advanced CSS styles.

Did you apply the CSS styles? if not, the person who set this up should be able to correct this.