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Truncation of HTML in Invoice Customisation

In an attempt to format my payment information a bit better I’ve fiddled a bit with basic HTML. It’s nothing fancy, just a basic table with cell padding, and a coloured first column, to break down three payment methods.

As there’s no preview option on the Invoice Customisation page I did it in an actual invoice, then used the Preview option there to check whether it all came out as intended.

Once it looked how I wanted it I sent the invoice to a client, and added the HTML code to the invoice template.

Today I needed to amend some of the payment information due to the new “Confirmation of Payee” scheme adopted by some banks (sole traders beware!!), and found that my code had been truncated, thus cutting off part of my payment information.

When I checked the invoice I had sent the other day with that code, the full code was still there. Copied and pasted into the template again, saved it, went back in, and it had been truncated again.

It appears there is a limit to the Payment Terms field on the Invoice Customisation page, but not on the actual invoices themselves. This is a problem as I need all three payment options listed.

Hi @Aerion

There is a limit on the invoice terms box, although I would need to double check what this limit is.

With the invoice that had all the details there, how was this created?

Hi @QFMathew,

I simply created a new invoice, and started creating my HTML code there. I kept using the invoice preview feature to check whether my code worked until I had the final result. I then sent that invoice to the client as normal.

The strange thing is that there appears to be a limit on the terms box in the invoice template that doesn’t appear to exist on the invoice proper.

I’m not sure I follow here? Do you mean that you’re only seeing this limit applied on the invoice itself, but not the template when setting up your detail terms?

No, it’s exactly the other way around.

The code I created in a live invoice was copied to the template. Upon opening the template again today to apply a different change I noticed my code was truncated. I then went to the live invoice (sent to a client yesterday), clicked Modify Invoice, and checked the code in the terms field; it was not truncated there.

Hi, just wondering whether there has been any progress on this.

Has any progress been made on this? I need to be sure that the correct information will be displayed in my payment terns. This needs to be clearly formatted, which is why I switched from plain text to HTML.

Hi @Aerion

If you go back into the live invoice where you copied the text from, has this also been truncated?

Apologies @Aerion - this is being looked into by the development team. A fix should be released shortly.

Hi @Aerion, this should now be resolved. Please let us know if you have any further issues.

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This now indeed appears to be fixed.

Thank you very much!

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