Trusteer Rapport Problems

Been having some trouble accessing Quickfile. After investingation I think the problem is the IBM Trusteer security HSBC advise you to have on your computer for online banking.
I have managed to turn this off and can now magically access quickfile again.

I think the trusteer software is altering the DNS. Just wanted to make you aware incase anybody else comes accross this issue


Hi @Austin,

We’re not aware of any issues associated with Trusteer (I believe it’s also know as Rapport?). However, we do have quite a user base on these forums, so someone else may know a workaround.

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Not sure if this is any help:

Rapport should have some configuration settings to white-list sites that you trust.


Thanks Glen will check quickfile is not on that list

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Not the same issue but Rapport has become a serious problem on my PC, slowing things down generally and causing Firefox to crash frequently. It also gets very upset if you reuse the same password for protected and unprotected applications.

Now I am just relying on my firewall until a new release comes along.

I run a computer repair business, and Rapport is always one of the programs that I always remove.

(following a chat with the client).

It takes a heavy hit on the machine (and its effectiveness is questionable anyway).

I associate with a large number of IT techs on the net, and its removal is common practice.


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