Trying to get the CC email address changed when sending reminders


I don’t seem able to get a clear clarification on this. All the emails within our quickfile setup cc to one admin email address even though the admin assistant and myself log in with different email addresses. However, when I am trying to send invoice reminders and I select the ‘cc me’ box it simply sends the copy to the admin email instead of my accounts email. Please could someone advise if there is a setting somewhere where this can be changed please. I don’t understand why, if you are using different email addresses to log into the system, which of course help keep an audit trail for stuff done, why on earth doesn’t anything that says ‘copy me’ not go to that users email??

OK, looks like the cc is happening but going to my junk, all fixed now but hopefully this clarifies for anyone else trying to get the same result :wink:

Hi @kimmy1307

I’m glad you managed to sort this out. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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