Trying to reconnect with HMRC for MTD submission but VAT link greyed out on dashboard

I have been using MTD bridging to submit my VAT return for a while however when I was informed that my link with HMRC had to be renewed I notice that although I have done this the VAT link on my Quickfile dashboard is greyed out and I am unable to submit my latest VAT return. It states that my link status is good. I only have 6 days left to submit!!

Hi @cwright2205 ,

Have you checked the VAT settings? to make sure that MTD and bridging is ticked?

Hi, where would I find the VAT settings?

if you go to Reports >> VAT returns there will be a button for your VAT settings at the top of the page.

It’s also worth making sure that you only have the one link with HMRC so delete any additional older links that may have been left behind. You can check this on Reports >> HMRC

Ive had a look at reports - VAT returns - settings but can’t see MTD and bridging but I note that on this page it does say enable online filing and that isn’t ticked, should it be?

Hi @cwright2205 ,

Yes you need to make sure that enable online filing is ticked first which will bring up the other options

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