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Hi There,

I have an TSB account and I have difficult to feed my bank statements in my quickfiles… I downloaded the plug in but in there there is only lloyds tsb…

can someone help me please?

your sincerely

At this current time we only support Lloyds, no TSB I’m afraid.

The bank feed plugin is open source, so anyone with a TSB account and some javascript knowledge can adapt the Lloyds code to work. Anyone wishing to do this please contact me.

Hi Glenn I have a tsb account wold you be able to help me to do it?

At the moment we just don’t have the resources to cover every bank. Not only do we actually need to open a TSB account to develop the feed (and with every other bank supported), we also need to maintain that feed and fix it whenever changes are made on the bank side.

As we are already allocated a great deal of resources just to support 5 banks we can’t widen our support at the moment.

I would strongly urge anyone looking for bank feeds to put pressure on your bank to develop a full open API for read-only statement access. Only when customers make this a big deal will banks change their attitude towards bank feeds.

I have questioned HSBC over this, but they seem to keep coming back to “There are no plans”.

However, I’m sure they even know what a bank feed is, seems they directed me to their Twitter feed twice…


It’s so hard in any bank just to find the right person to speak to. You have no hope of anyone on the support desk having the faintest clue what you’re talking about. If competition in the UK banking sector wasn’t so restricted I think some foreign company would have come over and cleaned up by now.

I just get the feeling that when the big UK banks do finally tune into this, they’ll try and license access for 10s of thousands per year… In fact I think HSBC and Natwest are already starting to go down this route. This cost would inevitably end up getting passed on to the end-user… seems crazy to me that people should pay to extract their own bank statement data in a convenient format!

We did look at Yodlee but the reliability side is still a big issue. Whenever there’s screen-scraping, it’s impossible to get any degree of consistency.

It’s one of those non-essential services from the banks point of view. I have the same issue with loads of suppliers of ours, why add new services or fix broken ones when people already use the service and put up with it. We all need bank accounts, banks know this. This is why they all have terrible websites that don’t work properly.

If they can’t get the website working then I can’t see them implementing an API for us to use, at least not in my lifetime.

I have been using Wave for the last 6 months and now have moved to QF and they have provided a commendable automatic system that appears to work successfully for Lloyds Bank. Set up the bank details once and then click the update button. This works with multiple account within the same bank. It does not work so well with HSBC.
I don’t have the techy understanding…

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