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TSB bank feed showing error 400

I am unable to create a new bank feed to TSB. Only comes up with a blank page with Error 400.

Hi @graemecw

Sorry to hear about this.

Do you see this on the QuickFile site or the TSB site?

Hi, this is when I attempt to open a new feed from Quickfile site ( I already have one active feed with HSBC)

Thanks for your reply.

When you set up a new feed, we redirect you to the bank’s website to authorise the link. When you see this error, does it say TSB or QuickFile as the web address?

https://psd2.tsb.co.uk/ is as far as I have managed to get but that is now coming up with an unknown error when trying to log in with bank credentials

Managed to sort the problem by using Edge browser, simply would not work in Chrome. Thanks.

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