TSB Bank feed stopped syncing and Status error


ive noticed my TSB business the bankfeed stopped working on the 3rd May.

I see the status saying there is an issue, any ETA of a fix for this?


Hi @magnacom

This issue is on TSB’s end, unfortunately.

The last update we had from them was on Monday saying they were aware of the issue and treating it as a priority. As soon as we have any further updates, we’ll update our status page.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to raise it with TSB directly.

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i contacted the bank and reported the issue, they said they would pass it to the technical desk.

i just imported from csv for now…


my feed was due to expire soon, i had been reluctant to attempt the renewal during this time, but i went ahead and renewed this today, oddly after, i refreshed and transactions came in, had a few duplicates but that was to be expected…

not sure what tomorrow will bring…

thanks scott

Hello @magnacom

We have not had a direct reply from TSB yet but another user has reported their transactions came in ok.

The may be doing work/testing on their end.

I had an issue with TSB a week or so ago when the transactions suddenly stopped importing. When I investigated it further it said that the feed and the bank account weren’t linked.

As a result, I revoked the access and set it up again, and it hasn’t been a problem since.