Tsb renew openbank


when i try and renew openbanking


i get a 400 error



Hi @magnacom

When you see the Error 400, what is the URL (web address)? Is it a QuickFile address or is at a TSB address? This will help us narrow down where the error lies.



Hi @magnacom

This is a TSB web address, so it could be that the problem is their end. It could be worth contacting them to see what they say. Although this could resolve itself within a few hours.

i used internet explorer instead of chrome and the renewal worked fine.

some kind of chrome issue.

I use Chrome and it is working fine with TSB. TSB did some work on their servers yesterday may this caused the problem, may they were offline

not sure, dont want to start resetting chrome, but i seem to have issues with tsb urls, this address for example doesnt work in chrome but is fine in ie11


cheers, all good now anyway cheers

This url is working on my chrome browser like all other tsb pages. But I had problems to login yesterday and I had a look on their server status and could see they did some work. But there is nothing on for today so far. May it is a issue with your chrome browser. Do you use a older system, windows 7 or 8 or so?

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