TSB - Unable to link feed "Am error appears"

I signed up to do automated bank feeds at the start of July, however I am having difficulty setting it up with TSB (who aren’t being overly helpful and keep asking me to do the same things over and over again, to no avail).

Obviously, I am nearly a month into the subscription and I cannot use it and so what is the best thing to do please, as I am not get anywhere with TSB?

Kind regards,


Hi @MarkFish

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here.

What problems are you seeing exactly?

Hi Mathew,

I keep getting a ‘We are sorry, an error appears. Please, try again later’ error message coming up.

Hi @MarkFish

Thank you for the screenshot - that’s really helpful.

The issue here, unfortunately, is the problem is on TSBs end. When you authorise the bank feed, you need to do this with the bank, so you’re redirected to their site - as you’re seeing there.

Have TSB told you any details of what’s going on here?

All that they have said is that there could be a problem with my browser, even though we did some tests with it over the phone and all seems fine. I have also tried using a different PC, but get the same issue.

The very same browser is used to do Internet banking with them and I have never had a problem logging in or using etc.

Unfortunately, they say that they cannot help any more and to be frank, their telephone technical support isn’t very in depth I am afraid.

I have also tried a different browser, but get the same error message.

What browser are you using?

There isn’t much coming back when I’m searching for this, but one suggestion was to use private browsing mode (incognito on Chrome). If you’re trying other browsers, this may not make any difference, but it’s worth giving it a go just to rule a few things out.

I am using an up to date version of Chrome and have tried incognito mode too. I have cleared the cache and removed old cookies.

Thanks for your assistance. I will try another phone call to them - if I can stick another 25+ mins in the queue :frowning:

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