Two businesses = @ QF Accounts


1 QF is so far great. I’ve previously been a longtime user of Xero (but they hiked their prices) & more recently Wave (stopped bank feeds)

  1. I have two entities that I need to keep accounts for

a. a small LLP - already doing this on QF
b. a single property which I rent out, want to bring this across to QF

I’m assuming that I’ll need to create a completely new login / account etc for this & there is no way to integrate them via a single login?



Hi unretired, I think for accounting purposes it is best to keep them separate. For 2 accounts you need 2 different login details. But you could open an affinity account in which you can link your 2accounts. But affinity is a paid service. For more info click QuickFile Affinity overview
I hope this helps a bit

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