Two Clients - One Payment (Go Cardless)

I have a client who runs two franchise centres, and has asked for any work that we do to be invoiced directly to the centre. As they are ‘different clients’, I wanted to know what’s the best way of dealing with this - one client, two addresses, or two separate clients?

If it’s two clients (which is what I was going to do), I know that he prefers to pay via GoCardless, so my second question would be, if it was set up as two clients, is there any way via QuickFile to request a lump sump for 2 invoices, from 2 clients, but would be paid by the same person at the same time? I only ask so we can keep the fees down :smile:

It sounds like you need two distinct customer records.

In regards to GoCardless, you could setup a pre-authorisation on one of the client records and collect a fixed amount to cover the 2 invoices. This would be a generic collection (i.e. not associated to an invoice), you can do this from the client detail screen.

Once the DD has cleared I guess you would pay the one invoice off for the client that the credit is linked to, then refund the credit balance (matching the other invoice) to the GC merchant account. You would then enter a balancing money out entry on the GC merchant account and tag it to the 2nd invoice.

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Good thinking! Thank you :smile:

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