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I will be switching to power user subscription shortly as I have read that this allows you to merge two Quickfile accounts or something long that line.

I currently use Quickfile for my main business. I have a second business where I get paid commission once a month only. So really no invoicing is required. I do the odd purchasing of books, CD’s & other marketing materials and attend some events. So only a few expenses. Overall there will be very little activity on this account.

Can you explain to me what the procedure is for setting up the second account. After upgrading my main Quickfile account, is there an option to create another company? Or do I need to create a separate account for the second company and if so how to simplify it with one login?

I hope this makes sense.

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You might be confusing the Power User subscription (which applies to a single QuickFile account) with Affinity, which is aimed at accountants or groups of companies and allows access to more than one QuickFile account from a single login, but is significantly more expensive and probably overkill for what you need.

If the second business is likely to have less than 1,000 nominal transactions per year (bearing in mind that some things you might think of as a single transaction like posting an invoice and receiving payment are really two or more separate transactions) then simply set it up as a separate QuickFile account, the only quirk being that you’ll need a different email address for it.

Thank you for a quick reply John. Your explanation was really clear. I will just setup another QF account with a different email address. Affinity is definitely not for me.

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Hello @pdudhaiya

Just to add to @JohnJ’s reply, although Affinity is aimed at bookkeepers and accountants, it can be more cost effective to use Affinity when managing multiple accounts.

There’s more information on this here: QuickFile Affinity overview

Thank you very much for your input Mathew. I really appreciate it.

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