Two different invoices and Trading As names with one LTD company and quickfile account?


I think ive seen this is possible if using a fully upgraded account.

Can you have your ltd company registered and useing quickfile,
Have 2 or 3 invoice templates as follows:

Template 1: invoices clients from ltd company name with ltd company logo on the invoice.

Template 2: invoices specific clients from a Trading As name with a different logo on the invoice.

Template 3. Invoices new clients from a different Trading As name with different logo on the invoice?

An example would My Services Company Ltd.
I could invoice from My Services Company Ltd, or invoice clients from My Foods company - My Services Company Ltd Trading As My Foods Company.

Yes, you need the “trading styles” feature, which is a bit hidden but you can enable it via “account settings -> design customisation”.

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For reference, there’s more information on this feature here: Custom Trading Styles

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