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Two Factor Authentication

Can we have 2FA setup for our Administrator account, but not for our accountant who is a guest team member?

Hi @incsol

The 2 factor authentication is account wide. It would be enabled for all team members on the account.

Oh right, it’s just our accountant says she doesn’t have a 2FA app installed on her mobile phone, but we like using the 2FA as extra security.

Your accountant may be able to use Affinity to access your account. This is our platform designed for bookkeepers, accountants, and those with multiple QuickFile accounts.

If they want to be just a team member and you have 2FA enabled, you would either have to disable 2FA, or they can download a free app to generate the codes on their phone.

Hope this helps.

There are desktop applications that are able to generate compatible 2FA codes, e.g. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/otp-manager/9nblggh6hngn or https://authy.com - the protocol is called “TOTP”, it’s not specific to Google Authenticator so any TOTP-compatible app should work exactly the same.


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