Two factor device lost

After using QF for the last few years, I thought it would be wise to enable two-factor authentication to bring it inline with most of the other services we use. This also coincided with my transferring my admin rights to our bookkeeper as she wanted to look into various integrations in order to start processing direct debits. Of course, only a matter of days after doing this she has bought a new phone and Google Authenticator does not sync or restore when you restore a backup onto the phone. As a result she has completely lost her access and I can no longer do anything about it because I am no longer the administrator. Talk about the perfect storm!
Can someone please assist?

Many thanks

Hi @sramdeen

More than happy to help with this. Would you kindly ask your account administrator to contact us directly, and we’ll go through some security steps to resolve this?

For future reference, when you have this straightened out it is a good idea to print off a copy of the registration QR code and keep that in a safe place, which will allow you to set up google authenticator on a new phone.

Thank you for the swift replies. I have been informed that she managed to recover access, I think she had authenticator on an iPad as well. Panic over and thanks again. Ian, I will definitely remember that tip for the future.

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