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We are registered for VAT in Germany and in the UK. Quickfile will handle the UK part, but I’m wondering how I can handle the German VAT part.
Can I select 0% (UK) VAT in Quickfile and then manually add a line with the DE VAT amount on the invoice? And then move this amount to a dedicated “bank account” for the VAT (which is eventually paid to the DE tax authorities).
I assume the VAT shouldn’t be part of the UK turnover, so need to deduct it from the YE sales.

Any other advice on how to deal with this?

I assume this will be a common scenario now after brexit, and after the EU July 1st VAT reform which requires all non EU companies to register for EU vat if sending to EU customer (below 150eur).

Hi @nick2

It sounds as though you may need to speak to an accountant about this. I would advise you to seek professional help as any information provided may prove to be inaccurate.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this occasion.