UK English within QuickFile

Can someone at Quick Files. CO.UK! change the language used to English UK not English US please?
There is a default spell check that will under line enteries (see what I did there) if it thinks they are spelt wrong. (spelt is spelt…“spelt” isn’t it? may have found another one).
We are a cider producer and it always tells me "Pasteurise is spelt wrong, it wants to spell it with a Z (or zee as our American cousins would say). This is just one example of many.
This is particularly apparent when entering method on payment in new payments from the drop down menu I can choose ‘cheque’ but like here, if I write cheque in the notes section next to it, it highlights it as a mis-spelling.
This is particularly annoying if you struggle with spelling and not sure if I have it wrong or if the computer is trying to spell my words in another countries vernacular.
It maybe the case that deep down in settings I can select a English UK option, if this is the case why is it not the default option?
Thank you.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

I’m pleased to say that we use British English throughout, and any fixed text (e.g. titles, instructions etc.) should reflect this. If you do find any, we’re happy to change them.

The underlining of words in text boxes is actually done by a spell checker in your web browser (Chrome, FireFox or similar), which we have no control over. It should however be a simple fix.

Can you tell me what web browser you use please, and I’ll certainly see if we can work with you to get this changed?

My apologies…I didn’t realise this, thanks for the offer but I’ll find the changes myself.
Thank you.

No problem! If you do need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask - we’re here to help! :slight_smile:

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