Ulster Bank Plugin

Hi, Im in the process of setting up my account on quickfile,… I Have seen there is a bank pluggin for a few banks but not my one (Ulsterbank.co.uk)… Basically ulster bank is the N. Ireland version of RBS/ Natwest,… ever the login methods and mobile apps are identical with different names & logos…

Just wondering if it could be added or if there is any plans to add it in the future ?



There are no plans to integrate with any other banks than the ones currently supported. If your bank develops an API Web Service then we will certainly consider this. What we can’t do unfortunately is develop and maintain many different bank integrations through the plugin. The plugin is a far from ideal method to sync bank data but is a response to the banks not bothering to develop open systems for their users.

The plugin code is open source so you can if you want develop your own javascript feed and we will include it on our extension. Otherwise it may be worth looking at another bank that are more open to feeds (e.g. Barclays).

Thanks Glen, I do have a Barclays account but find their charges ridiculous and in N. Ireland they have only 3 branches whereas Ulster are the biggest bank over here and have a branch in every town…

I dont mind however downloading the csv and uploading it to quickfile… Its only a 2 min job :slight_smile:

I think Ulster use a similar format to Natwest and RBS, both of which we currently support. In fact another QF user created the RBS feed from our original Natwest template, so somebody with a bit of Javascript experience could probably do the same for Ulster bank.

The other problem we have is not having accounts opened for these different bank. Every time we develop a feed we need to open and maintain an account with the provider.

I would be happy to “Try” and get it working for Ulster Bank of and I do plan to maintain an account there and to continue using quickfile… I have a little knowledge with websites and servers etc… no java experience though tbh