Unable to connect Lloyds Bank Feed

Hi, my Lloyd’s bank feed has stopped working

Does the open banking settings page give you any more information?

http://status.quickfile.co.uk/ is where QuickFile staff record known issues - it suggests Lloyd’s is currently ok but it may just be a transient problem or something that has only just started happening. If it doesn’t clear up on its own soon the usual advice is to completely disconnect the feed (revoke the whole Open Banking authority for that bank) and go through the connection process again from scratch.

I have two quickfile accounts with bank feeds and both are showing the same error for the past two days. One is a Santander and the other a Santander Business account.

I disconnected the feed but get this error message when attempting to reconnect:

“the bank failed to respond and their open banking interface may be down. Please retry in 15 minutes.”

Yes I’m getting same message, tried revoking and resetting, still same

Hi @webandITstudio @dyson1966

We are aware of an issue affecting the Lloyds bank feeds and are actively working on a fix for this. This should be live shortly.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Hi Mathew, I get the same error on my tsb current account feed and “No Connectivity” on the open banking feed page.

@webandITstudio @dyson1966 - This issue should now be resolved.

@rhc - I’ll drop you a private message to investigate this further.

Yes done thanks, back to normal

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