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Unable to connect more than 1 Lloyds account

Hi, one of my clients is having a problem getting the Lloyds bank feed up and running.

They have 2 business current acc’s with Lloyds. Using Open Banking one of them is working and importing each day. When trying to connect the second account the screen says ‘there are currently no open banking feeds that are available to map to this bank acount, you can set up additional open banking feeds here’ with a link. If you click on the link it shows the existing connection for the first account and a green ‘connect a bank’ button but if you click on the button it wont let you add another lloyds feed.

So we don’t seem to be able to have two Lloyds acc’s on one feed, but we also can’t have two feeds?

How is best to resolve this?


Hi @BBK,

Are the two Lloyds accounts accessed from the same online banking log in details? If so, when you connect the first account you should be given the option to select which other accounts to allow access to.

You may have to remove the first feed to be able to then reconnect and allow access to multiple accounts.

If the accounts are accessed using different log ins then unfortunately this isn’t possible with the open banking feeds. You could set the other up using a Yodlee feed?

Hope this helps

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Thanks Beth. I will have to check with them about the login, I would assume they’re both on the same one. Will follow your advice and hopefully that’ll sort it!

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Hi @QFBeth, update from client. Definitely one set of login details. Followed the instructions to de-activate etc, but can’t see any options on re-activating to allow access to other accounts.

I’m not sure if it’s a system issue or a user issue and unfortunately I’ve not had to set up an open banking feed myself so I don’t have any handy screenshots - is there anything available?


Just to confirm here - your client has one login for Lloyds to access two current accounts, but only one is showing?

There’s 2 possible causes to this:

  • If it’s not treated like a current account by Lloyds (e.g. they see it more as a savings account), then this isn’t currently supported through Open Banking.

  • When you authorise Open Banking, depending on the bank (I admit, I’m not sure with Lloyds) you may need to select what accounts we’re authorised to access.

As @QFBeth pointed out above, it may be worth disconnecting Open Banking and reconnecting it, just incase the authorisation is the issue. This can be done by going to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds.

Other than that, Yodlee is the other option which is also available through the same subscription.

Hope that helps!

Hi @QFMathew,

Yes that’s the issue. Both accounts are definitely seen as current accounts with Lloyds because we can take the Open Banking off the account that its currently set up on, and add it to the other, where it also works. We just can’t get both accounts going at once.

The client is saying that when they connect Open Banking they are not seeing an option to allow access to more than just whichever account they are connecting at the time. I wonder if this is where the issue is, but having not tried to connect an Open Banking account myself I don’t know what the screens look like to advise them on where to look…that is where I am currently stuck!

If Lloyds aren’t showing the two accounts when granting access, it would suggest it’s likely to be an issue on Lloyds’ side of things.

Do you know if they’ve spoken with Lloyds about this at all?

Lloyds had no idea what they were going on about (standard Lloyds answer!)

Maybe we will have no choice but to do either both through Yodlee or one through OB and one through Yodlee. Bit of pain as they have a passcode log in which obviously Yodlee can’t automate.

Hi @BBK,

Have you managed to sort this now? Sorry we couldn’t be much more help - I have Santander accounts and when I have linked it I was given the choice of which accounts I wanted to allow access to once I had logged in, I could select them with a tickbox.

Unfortunately I don’t have Lloyds accounts to test it with.

Hi @QFBeth,

No not been able to resolve it yet and the clients are now on holiday for a week, so will have to start again next week!


Keep us posted :slight_smile:


any news from your clients?