Unable to delete bank transactions

Hello Glenn,

I used to be able to delete entries in my account as i please. I message flashed up which i think i erroneously agreed to. Now I am unable to delete or detag entries. Ideas?


I am also unable to detag anything

I don’t see any locks on your account. Are you referring to bank transactions? Are you getting any specific message? What browser are you using? Is the delete button greyed out? Just a few questions that will help me to understand what the precise problem is.

For instance. I used to be able to input a new transaction in either my bank account or directors loan account and delete them later if needed. Now when i try to click the red cross on the right of the entry, or select on the left and press delete above, nothing happens. If I try to detag, the detag window open but when I try to click detag, nothing happens. using Chrome, both before and after problem.

I took the top item on the current account (£1000 IN from Directors’ Loan) de-tagged it and re-tagged it. I then deleted it and brought it back again without any problems.

Are you able to tell me what version of Google Chrome you are running? My version is Version 31.0.1650.63 m. Also have you tried logging out and back in again and also disabling any Chrome extensions?

Logging out didn’t work. Closing the tab and reopening then logging back in did. Computers!!!

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