Unable to export transactions


I am unable to download some of the transactions to a CSV file.
I am unable to tick the boxes in front of the dates with a lighter shade of grey.
If i tick “select all”, only the boxes with a darker shade of grey get ticked

Hi @Andre

It could be due to a lock on the transactions (e.g. from a journal or locked by a VAT return). I will however mention this to our dev team.

In the mean time, you can download a list of all your transactions by performing a backup on the account. You can do this by going to Account settings >> All Settings >> Weekly/Monthly backups

You will need to schedule one first, but then you’re able to run one as and when required

@Andre - Are you able to provide me some examples of the transactions you’re not able to select please so we can take a closer look? You’re welcome to send these to me in a private message if you wish, simply click my name and then click ‘Message’