Unable to find client via View Suppliers

Reconciling bank accounts and entered a client’s name that I have previously used, but it does not recognise the name. I looked to see when I had last purchased from this client and was able to view previous invoice, but the name does not show in list of suppliers. I also noticed that there are another 4 supplier reference numbers missing, but not sure who these have been assigned to. Can anyone help as I don’t want to have to set the supplier up again if it is already on system 'somewhere. thank you

I’m a bit confused, are you talking about finding a client here or a supplier as you’ve mingled them together in your post?

What is the name of the supplier/client? You can PM this to me if you prefer.

Morning Glenn, sorry for confusion it is a supplier and the name is ebuyer. I purchased from them in May 2014 and can find the payment to them under - Purchases - view payments, but unable to find them under View Suppliers. Hope this helps. Kind regards Mo

If you go to the main supplier list and click the deleted radio option there is a supplier by that name that has been deleted.

If you need to you can restore this supplier.