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Unable to link Santander to quickfile

Hi, I have paid the fee, set up the Santander link, but when I go to activate it does not have the details to link too.
Please can I have some help.
Thank you

Hi @Tanya_McDermott

When you view the bank statement on QuickFile, do you see the Santander logo at the top of the page?

Hi, no i dont, in the Open bank Feeds it says Santander, but it is not linked. I cant work out how to link it xx

No problem. If you view your bank statement page, and go to Options >> Settings, you will see an option to set the bank name.

If you choose “Santander” here and save. When you go back to the bank statement view, you can then go to Options and select Activate Bank Feed.

Having the name of the bank in place helps ensure the right accounts are linked.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Mathew, you are a superstar and all sorted I think! x

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