Unable to Login to Accounts

I don’t know if I can direct message this query.

I have tried to login to my Account and I have also tried resetting the password.

I have been sent a new password but it won’t accept my login credentials.

I do have 2 Accounts but one is dormant. I need to complete my Tax Return before the end of January.

I would also like to query my ‘Large’ Account status as I have very few transactions as a part-time Sole Trader and have not accessed my Quickfile Account very much though I do have feeds…

Where are you trying to log in to? You need to use your personal URL https://YOURBUSINESS.quickfile.co.uk, not the generic www.quickfile.co.uk URL.

Regarding the “large” classification, this is based on the total number of ledger entries across all your nominal accounts - each sales or purchase invoice creates at least two or three ledger entries, each bank account transaction is another two (so a paid-up invoice is typically four or five ledger entries in total). If you have a large number of non-business transactions coming in on a PayPal feed or similar then that might account for the excess.

P.S. I don’t work for QuickFile, I’m just a user, so you’ll have to wait for Glenn or QFSupport if anything needs investigation at the back end.

Hi @Sharonmw1

I’ll send you a private message now to get some details regarding your account. Hopefully @ian_roberts’ post helped, but I’ll contact you in case.

Again, with the large account query, hopefully Ian has helped with that, but I’ll contact you and once we’ve found your account I’ll be able to look into it further for you.

Look out for a little green notification in the top right by your avatar

P.s. thank you @ian_roberts :smile:

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