Unable to login to Quickfile using same email for multiple accounts

I have logged in and only offered MY CONTROL PANEL

No access to my accounts

How do I speak to a person from Quickfile ?
Is there an email address I can use ?


Hi Kevin,
This forum is the contact to quickfile support team too. You can also send them a private message to @support.

Did you use the right email address to login? Is it possible that you have to pay now for your subscription because you are a L or XL user?

Have you possibly set up a “client” contact with the same email address you normally use to log in as the administrator?

I have logged in and only have access to Control panel
I am an XL user and no way of paying


I changed my primary email address - didnt know it made a difference

Many Thanks all

It’s because you have used your email address as a test client.

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