Unable to mark invoice as paid?

For some reason, I am unable to change the status of an invoice to the payment has been received. It was working last week fine.

I want to show my client has made payment and the invoice has been settled. I click on “update as paid” and nothing changes.

The system has stopped me from doing this for some reason. Any direction on how I can make out invoice say they are paid now.

Hi @thebusinessmission

Can I ask you a few questions to try and understand what’s happening?

  • What browser are you using?
  • What method are you using to update the invoice as paid?
  • Are you seeing any error messages when you try to update the invoice as paid?

I look forward to your response.

Thanks for your message.
Nothing changes on our end. Last week we were clicking update paid invoice and it was fine. The payment we use is Bank Transfer.
We are using Chrome.

No error message. Just not changing status.

Hi @thebusinessmission

Just to confirm the steps here -

  • View the invoice
  • Click “Log Payment”
  • Tick “Pay in full” and enter the details, and save
  • Nothing changes

Is that correct?

Yes correct. It does not change the status at all .

On the top of the invoices there is a tab called " Update as Paid". We click the invoice we want to update as paid and then click the tab and nothing happens.

Ah ok I have tried your method which is a longer route and seems to work. We always just tick the box with the invoice and then click on the tab at the top where is says “Updated as Paid” and the invoice then reverses into being paid.

I can use your method it is just a bit more work to register the invoice.

I’ve just tried using the “Update as Paid” option on a test account, but I wasn’t able to replicate the issue exactly.

When you try doing this, do you see a green success box at the top of the page?

No nothing changes. There is no error button and no green success. Also the invoice button doesnt change either.

As you have mentioned the other option, this will be fine for us now. Ideally the other method was much quicker however we simply need to get make sure we have it as paid!

Its a shame you dont have a attachment button on your messages here I could have sent you a video to show.

You can use this option to upload any images, or video clips:

If you prefer, you can send them to us privately - just send a private message to QFSupport as my colleagues will also pick this up then.

Ok thank you! We have already converted them now using the method you mentioned. We would have to wait for another invoice now to show you. Once another one comes in I willsend a video showing the issues.

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