Unable to open attached documents


I have just started using the feature - attaching documents to invoice - as my client wishes me to use their own template.

I have uploaded successfully however I am unable to view the attached documents. When I tried opening the xls doc, I received a message saying that there is a problem with some of the contents of the file. I have had no issues with my PC and have the latest version of Microsoft Office so tried to upload another document in word format. Same issue.

It did allow me to view a pdf file however, it did not display the spreadsheet properly so I do not want to use this option, neither do I have time to convert every document to pdf.

Please could you advise?

Hi @Michelle1

I believe this may be a encoding issue - I’ll send you a private message shortly to get some more details and take a closer look.

Not sure if you’re aware, but with Microsoft Office you can save directly as a PDF. It’s not recommended as the original save, but certainly as a copy. Instead of just clicking ‘Save’, and perhaps putting it through a converter, you should be able to go to Save As and select PDF as a file format.

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