Unable to pay down supplier with credit note applied

Quite simply, credit notes and credit account handling in Quickfile is abysmal. I’ve tried to do this in several ways and still can’t get anything to work properly.

I have several invoices from a supplier each month (e.g. 5x £50). I have a credit note applied to one of these invoices (e.g. £25). So my total due is £225.

I have paid the supplier £225, so I tag the transaction from the bank, and select “pay down multiple invoices”. I then get a total of all outstanding invoices listed, which lists the invoice amounts, not the balances. So I cannot select the invoices to match the balance. If I select the relevant invoices I somehow end up with £25 as a prepayment on the account?

This is being totally mishandled and after numerous discussions and requests I have not been given a satisfactory workaround or any advice at all on how to handle this. A credit account with a supplier is not uncommon.

That’s very odd, I’m sure when I “pay down multiple invoices” I get the outstanding balances rather than the invoice totals. How exactly was the £25 credit recorded? Did you credit note one of the unpaid invoices (reducing its balance) or did you credit one of the previous month’s paid invoices (holding funds on account)? If the latter you’d have to “apply from credit” to use those funds on account to part-pay one of the new invoices in order for it to affect the outstanding balance.

Hi @Lurch

Sorry to hear you’re having some difficulty here.

As @ian_roberts mentions, you should be seeing the balance of the invoices here rather than the full amount. I’ve just run a quick test to be sure this was working all OK for me, and can confirm this does appear to be all OK (based on the figures in your post):
If something still doesn’t add up following Ian’s post, then we can certainly take a look for you to see what’s going on.

Hmm, OK. The value always being out by the refund amount is what threw me here. It turns out the outstanding purchase balance is incorrect. It shows the full amount of the purchase with no hint or sign of there being a credit note applied.


What also didn’t help here was that the supplier in question also got the amount wrong when they chased payment so the amount they requested matched the balance of my outstanding invoices totalled on the purchase management screen.

So I’ve just taken another look at this and I think it has something to do with the date of the credit note. Regardless of the date of the credit note the balance is not due as I haven’t got the items and the balance on the invoice reflects that. I have noticed the date on the credit note is wrong but I can’t edit/modify the date of it, only delete it and start again. This is not in line with how the rest of they system works.

Regardless of all of the above the display of the balance throughout the various screens is inconsistent, i.e. the outstanding balance on the bank tagging list, the purchase management page and the actual invoice itself don’t tally.

Hi @Lurch

The “invoice total” on the invoice management screen is just that - the invoice total. If it showed the balance, then all paid/fully credited invoices would all show zero.

But the actual invoice should tally with that on the bank tagging screen. If you do notice this is different, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can take a look at this for you.

That’s nonsense, it shows all invoices that aren’t fully paid up, i.e. anything that has a non-zero balance already. Whether it is part paid or not it appears in the list. I’m not suggesting it shows all invoices with any balance, I’m saying it already knows the balance is non-zero and if I click on the invoice total it changes to the balance owed. It does not indicate this on the screen though.

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