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Unable to restrict user from seeing bank record

Hi There!

I am unable to get the window that comes up when clicking on the padlock with a list of features.
Could someone help me restrict a user from seeing the bank record, please?

These are the options that I follow.

From the company’s purple ribbon: Account settings → team management-> then I ‘click’ on the blue padlock pertaining to the team member in question → nothing happens

Let me know if I am doing anything wrong.
Kind regards

Make sure the person in question is not an admin.

That’s a thought. I have checked and I am the admin.
I am still looking for an answer.
Kind regards

Hi @Alicia

Do you have popups blocked on your browser or anything that could be restricting?

Are you able to try in Icognito mode? does it still not work?

Morning Beth
I have signed in as the business (not from Affinity) and I was able to restrict the user from there.
I thought that I could do that from the Affinity Admin but I was wrong.
Thanks for responding.
Kind regards

Hi @Alicia

It is only the admin on the QuickFile account so if the Affinity is just a user without the admin rights then this would be why you didn’t have access.

Glad it’s all sorted now

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